American Ultraviolet has introduced a new mini UV LED conveyor system that is reportedly ideal for curing inks, coatings, and adhesives, including heat-sensitive films. The company reports that the system is also the perfect solution for small substrate production and for color matching and testing in laboratories. This new LED system cures by using wavelengths of 365, 375, 395, and/or 405 nm.

The mini UV LED curing conveyor features user-friendly touchscreen controls and plugs into standard outlets. It is available with a 3- or 6-in.-wide Phoseon LED curing head, is lightweight, and adds no heat to substrates.

According to Meredith Stines, president of American Ultraviolet, this new system, which resulted from the integration of UV LED solutions from American Ultraviolet and Phoseon Technology, “will really help companies who wish to test out UV LED curing on a smaller scale, before converting their entire process from Arc/Microwave systems, and/or upgrading to UV LED from traditional UV mercury lamp or IR systems.”

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