Total net sales for LINTEC grew by 8.9% in its 2022 fiscal year (ended March 31, 2022). The company employs approximately 5,100 people worldwide; it has three Japan-based consolidated subsidiaries, as well as 39 additional consolidated subsidiaries around the world.

In the Printing and Industrial Materials Products business segment, 2022 fiscal year sales increased by 14.4%. This group produces products such as adhesives for automotive applications, adhesive tapes for industrial applications, adhesive papers and films for labels, and films for numerous additional applications, as well as many other products. The U.S.-based Mactac subsidiary is part of this segment.*

Sales in the Electronic and Optical Products segment grew by 2.7% overall. Products produced by this segment include tapes for semiconductor applications, multilayer ceramic capacitor-related tapes, and adhesives for touchscreen applications, among others.

(*Editor’s note: Since Mactac, LINTEC’s U.S. subsidiary, provided adhesives/sealants-related details and requested that they be withheld, specific sales levels for LINTEC will likewise not be published to avoid any potential conclusions being drawn. Mactac’s sales were subtracted when determining LINTEC’s ranking.)

No. 9 | LINTEC Corp.

Tokyo, Japan
President and CEO: Makoto Hattori
Sources: investor presentation, summary of consolidated financial results