“Huntsman is a leading supplier of adhesives components and adhesives systems consisting of epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic innovative chemistries,” says Simon Thering, business development leader Adhesives. He reports that the company’s revenue for adhesives, sealants, and related products in 2021 was approximately $940 million. This represents an 11.9% increase over 2020’s $840 million.

Huntsman’s Advanced Materials division, which produces polymer resin systems in addition to adhesives, generated 43% of its 2021 sales revenue in the infrastructure market. Additional end markets included general industry (17%), automotive (14%), commodity (13%), aerospace (12%), and other (1%).

Regionally, the Advanced Materials division achieved the highest amount of sales revenue in Europe (36%) in 2021, followed by the U.S. and Canada (30%). Additional sales for the year were in the Asia-Pacific region (25%) and the rest of the world (9%).

According to Thering, Huntsman has focused development efforts on a range of structural acrylic adhesives that provide strong adhesion on most metal, composite, and plastic substrates while offering “favourable GHS [Globally Harmonized System] classification.” The company has also developed resources such as an interactive technical guide and Materials Models to assist users in the understanding and development of adhesives for their applications.

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The Woodlands, Texas
Chairman, President, and CEO: Peter R. Huntsman
Sources: company contact, company website, press release 

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