Henkel has exchanged certain raw materials in selected products in its LOCTITE® range of Instant Adhesives in line with new regulatory classification requirements. This has been achieved without compromising any of the key properties of the LOCTITE Instant Adhesive range including fast fixture times, high bond strength, material versatility, and temperature resistance. The result is a range of instant adhesives and accelerators that will allow industry to take full advantage of the technology, while also enhancing occupational safety through a reduction of hazardous substances. 

New and Upgraded Instant Adhesives 

Several instant adhesive ingredients have come under greater regulatory scrutiny in select regions of the world. Two of these are hydroquinone (HQ) and 2.2’-methylenebis (4-methyl-6-tert-butylphenol)–also known as MMBP–whose primary role is to ensure the adhesive remains liquid in the bottle for the duration of its shelf life. 

Although these were present in very small amounts in the original formulations, responding to regulatory change requirements and industry demand, Henkel developed a novel stabilizer package that has allowed HQ and MMBP to be removed from the formulas for the most widely used products in its LOCTITE Instant Adhesive range. Six instant adhesives are now formulated without HQ and MMBP, with additional product upgrades planned in the near future. Collectively, they allow for the rapid bonding of a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, elastomers, wood, paper, leather, and fabric. All are suitable for manual application or automated and robotic dispensing for which Henkel offers a selection of equipment. 

Top of the range is LOCTITE 402, a new addition to Henkel’s Instant Adhesive portfolio. This fast-setting instant adhesive provides reliable performance up to 135 °C. Next is the universal instant bonder LOCTITE 401, a medium-viscosity product that provides high shear strength on a wide range of materials. And then, LOCTITE 406, a low-viscosity formulation, ideal for small bond line gaps and close-fitting assemblies. LOCTITE 454 is ideal for applications calling for a non-drip instant adhesive for use on porous or vertical surfaces, and for gap filling on various materials. The range includes LOCTITE 3090 and LOCTITE 3092, both unique two-part instant adhesives. Completing Henkel’s upgraded instant adhesive offering is LOCTITE 495, a general-purpose adhesive for the fast bonding of a wide range of materials. 

Upgraded Accelerators 

Complementing the upgraded LOCTITE instant adhesives are upgraded accelerators used to achieve optimal performance in specific situations, such as low-humidity environments or when bonding to acidic substrates. They no longer contain certain actively added chemicals that have been subject to recent safety reclassification and, as with the adhesives, this has been achieved without compromising performance. Now available in the LOCTITE Instant Component Bonding range are upgraded LOCTITE SF7452 and LOCTITE SF7455, accelerators that can be pre- or post-applied to increase cure speed of instant adhesives. 

These across-the-range upgrades assure the performance of LOCTITE adhesive technology, while improving workplace safety by complying with the recent safety reclassification through a reduction of hazardous substances. 

For more information, visit: www.henkel-adhesives.com.