Firestone Building Products, a provider of roofing, wall, and lining systems, has announced that, with the update of Firestone Twin Jet spray adhesive featuring an HFO propellant and the discontinuation of the Firestone ISO Fix II product, its full line of Firestone brand of products are now HFC-free and compliant with all HFC restrictions across the United States and Canada.

“Firestone Building Products has maintained a commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation to best serve its customers. As a leader in sustainable building solutions, Firestone invested in a more environmentally-friendly HFO-propellant technology to apply our Firestone Twin Jet Spray Adhesive, replacing the old HFC-propellant.” said Eric Frame, senior product manager, Accessories, for Firestone Building Products.  “The quality of our Twin Jet formulation hasn't changed, just the propellant.”

HFO, or hydrofluoroolefin, differs from HFCs in that HFOs have zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and a low GWP (Global Warming Potential), making them a more environmentally friendly option. HFOs don't contribute to global warming because they don't trap heat in the atmosphere.

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