Meler, an international company with more than 40 years experience in the development and improvement of adhesive bonding processes, presents Raptor Handy: A new applicator belonging to its specialist brand Raptor, which arrives on the market to optimize and facilitate gluing processes. The Raptor applicator, in its two available models, is a new commitment to ergonomics, safety, high performance, and design.

Raptor Handy, winner of the prestigious ADI Awards and Reddot prizes for its user-centered design, hits the market to maximize and ensure operator safety. With a top and bottom hose inlet, both versions of the applicator guarantee quality spiral spraying application. This is achieved by the new mechanical design, which allows for easy part exchange. As a result of a comprehensive modification process, it offers wireless communication thanks to its wireless implementation and the internal switch. These components allow for automation, security, and comfort.

The new handheld hot melt applicator from Raptor guarantees high performance through the thermal stability of the nozzle, which allows for high-precision application. With Easy-Clean technology, Raptor Handy facilitates nozzle cleaning thanks to fast response in the adhesive flow output. The considerable reduction in the weight of the applicator improves daily operations, while offering 360° hose rotation and nozzle exchange in both versions of the Raptor Handy. The new applicator has adapted to market requirements, improving final productivity while ensuring user safety thanks to its various preventive features: cool-touch housings and the trigger locking system.

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