AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. (AGCCA) has opened a new office in Cupertino, California, to support the advanced materials needs of semiconductor and electronics manufacturers located on the northern West Coast. The Business Development Office Chemicals (BDOC) will enable the company to enhance customer relationships, create partnerships, and increase its involvement with technology associations and organizations.

Led by Ichiro Yamanouchi, new market development director, its presence in the region will also enable AGCCA to directly inform stakeholders in semiconductor and electronics development about the company’s sustainable solutions. AGCCA’s Cupertino office promotes a wide variety of advanced materials including: ETFE and PFA resins for tubes, hoses, gaskets, and sheets; ETFE films for mold release film; and fluoroelastomers for components used in semiconductor plasma processes at elevated temperatures.

Other products offered are: amorphous fluoropolymers for optics and semiconductors; adhesive fluoropolymers to chemically bond with polymers, metals, and printed circuit boards; environmentally friendly cleaning agents for electronics; and ionomer dispersion grades for hydrogen fuel cells in fuel cell vehicles.

“Our advanced materials help semiconductor and electronics manufacturers create products that can hold up in the harshest conditions,” said Yamanouchi. “Our presence in this region will enable us to better assist semiconductor and electronics manufacturers with selecting and using the most cost-effective product for their specific applications.”

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