Dynatrol® Liquid Level Switch, CL‐10GH, is the latest addition to Dynatrol’s line of high-, intermediate-, and low-point level detectors for liquids or slurries. Applications for the new level detector may include epoxy resins, glues, latex, nitrite latex, urethane resins, varnishes, and wood furniture finishes. The detector provides rugged construction with a sensitive transmission of vibration energy.

According to Dynatrol, pairing the new level switch with the Dynatrol EC-501A(G) Control Unit increases stability by eliminating the variances of direct input power. The CL-10GH Liquid Level Switch has no moving parts, floats, diaphragms, or packing glands to deteriorate. It requires no field adjustments, and is easily installed in almost any position of a vessel or pipe.

Specifications for CL-10GH Liquid Level Switch:

  • Explosion proof: CSA NRTL/C approved for Class 1, Group D, Division 1 Class 2, Groups E, F, and G
  • Pressure rating: 3000 PSIG at 100 °F
  • Temperature rating: 300 °F (high temperature construction available)
  • Pressure connection: ¾” NPT
  • Conduit connection: ½” NPT
  • Contacts: SPDT 2A at 120 VAC (non-inductive)

For more information, visit: www.dynatrolusa.com.