Afera, the European Adhesive Tape Association, announced the launch of the 2023 edition of the Afera Test Methods Manual. The 2023 edition of the manual contains the newly developed, internationally harmonized GTF (Global Tape Forum) TMs for the most important tests, which include some of those that are both Afera and ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), and/or CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) certified. Most of the others are both Afera and CEN certified.

“Afera Test Methods provide a uniform standard for the definition of adhesive tape performance for both manufacturers and users,” said Afera Technical Committee Chairman Reinhard Storbeck, who is also director of R&D at tesa SE. “It is a key priority of the Afera TC to identify, develop and maintain new TMs for the benefit of the adhesive tape industry.” 

“What we set out to do,” added Afera Standardisation Consultant Karsten Seitz, “is to improve Afera’s most substantial and important publication in every sense, while at the same time driving our regular programme of developing new, next-level TMs.” 

The 2023 edition builds on former editions with some notable modifications: The entire presentation of the manual has been optimized in terms of style, layout, and illustrations, and inconsistencies detected in the descriptions of the TMs have been researched and corrected. The glossary has been updated, and the list of equipment suppliers has been shifted from the publication to Afera’s website, where it will be developed and routinely updated. The statement on the accuracy of TMs, constituting Section 4, has been updated and agreed upon with IVK, the German Adhesives Association, as a joint statement on specification limits for adhesive tapes. 

“We are confident this new Manual will deliver even more value to our members and welcome feedback on the TMs and their development at any time,” said Afera Secretary General Astrid Lejeune. “The TC TMs Working Group led by Mr. Seitz has done an excellent job of realizing this project.” 

“It has been our goal to professionalize and upgrade Afera’s many materials and services over the last few years,” said Afera President Evert Smit, who is also director scouting at Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG, “and the Afera Test Methods Manual, in addition to our Sustainability Project and GTF Meetings/Technical Seminar, is one of our key deliverables for 2023.” 

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