The step some companies take to ensure a happy and productive workplace.

It seems obvious. If you want to have a happy workplace and productive employees, just fire the unhappy ones. That’s precisely what Jay Goltz, who owns five small businesses in Chicago, did. In his New York Times blog, Goltz writes about how important it is to have people working for you who have the company’s interests in mind and who project a positive attitude.


That said, it’s certainly not a panacea for all problems within the company; if someone is complaining a lot, it’s wise to listen to their complaints and determine if they are justified – rather than just getting rid of the guy who complains. However, if they are complaining for the sake of complaining, their attitude can serve to spoil the morale of other employees and bring down the company’s overall attitude.


Have you worked with a complainer – or had to fire someone for their negative attitude? Please leave a comment below.