We’re all familiar with the Hokey Pokey. But have you heard of Poka-Yoke? Poka-yoke is the Japanese term for mistake proofing, or setting up measures to prevent mistakes and the negative impact they can have on your bottom line.


SME member Jeff Fuchs, a lean consultant and author of SME’s new DVD “Poka-Yoke: Mistake-Proofing” knows the answer. He builds his consulting company’s bottom line by helping other companies change people, processes, organization and technology for better business results.


 “Whether it’s your check engine light, a smoke detector, or child-proof caps, poka-yoke is all around us. It can make life safer, easier and can improve your business processes,” Fuchs says.


The Society of Manufacturing Engineers has released a DVD titled “Poka-Yoke: Mistake-Proofing.” The DVD measures and evaluates the modern and practical methods for getting quality right the first time. That's what it's all about, you know.


Does your company use Poka-yoke in your QA/QC practices? Tell us about it! Leave a comment below.