With fall in the air, it’s not surprising that we had our first frost last night. It only got down to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it was cause for alarm, as we still have plenty of green tomatoes on the vines and herbs planted outside.


We’re a small potatoes operation compared to people who make their living in agriculture. For those in the horticultural markets, protective films are crucial to business. The international Agricultural Film 2009 conference (organized by Applied Market Information), which takes place February 24-26 in Barcelona, Spain, will discuss advances in protective films and more.
The program includes a session on the use of films in pest elimination, as well as talks on innovations in greenhouse film, including the latest studies on thermal control and durability. Plastika Kritis has developed new thermic films that reduce heat loss from the current norm of 18% to around 5-9% using new additives; the company also has light diffusing film to increase crop yield and film to reduce excessive heat build up and misting. Plastic Films for Agriculture has patented multi-material films for a variety of applications. Cytec supplies stabilizers into this market and BASF has additives to improve thermal control.

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