To celebrate the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the United States Postal Service (USPS) recently launched the Olympics Games commemorative stamp. MACtac® supplied the pressure-sensitive adhesive label materials for the 40 million stamps printed.

Revived in 1859, the international multi-sport event now known as the Olympic Games began in Olympia, Greece, in 776 BC. Marking the beginning of the XXIX Olympiad, this year's games carry on the tradition of blending sport, culture and education in an event that honors the spirit of international unity and athleticism.

The Olympic Games stamp was designed by Clarence Lee, and features a drawing by artist Katie Doka of a graceful gymnast. The denomination in the upper right corner is placed inside a design similar to the ink mark of a Chinese 'chop,' which is a carved wooden stamp. The bottom left corner hosts five intertwined Olympic Rings, which represent the five inhabited continents.


No matter how you feel about China and the controversy surrounding its selection as the location for the Summer Games, be sure to tune in for the pomp and circumstance that is the Opening Ceremony tonight at 7:30pm EST on NBC. I have always loved watching the Olympics, both Summer and Winter, and this year will be no exception. The Olympics has been a constant for centuries in the world, where the best athletes from around the globe come together, set aside their differences and compete for the glory of the gold medal. An honor, indeed!