The AudienceLab Study of Public Place Engagement, recently released by McPheters & Co., found that 57% of all magazine reading takes place outside of the home, and that 45% of time spent reading magazines occurs in public places such as waiting areas, airplanes and hotels.

In addition, 86% of those respondents who have read magazines in the last month have done at least some of their reading in a public place.

More than one third of respondents say they prefer to read in public places involved in the study - such as doctors’ and dentists’ offices, barber shops and beauty salons, gyms, car dealerships, planes, airline clubs and hotels - rather than at home.

While the study primarily focused on consumer magazines, it got us to thinking: where do you usually read ASI? Sure, the issue arrives like clockwork each month in your in-box, but where do you sit down and read it? Do you peruse the pages on a plane? Do you read the relevant stuff in a restaurant? Or do you (we hope!) shut your office door on arrival day to read the magazine cover-to-cover without disruptions? Let’s hear about it!