Yahoo HotJobs has posted an article, “Plan It: How to Make the Most of Your Workweek.” The author writes about the findings from a study by Robert Half International, which examined which days are the most productive for employees.

The study reports that employees are usually still transitioning into the work week on Monday, but hit their peak performance on Tuesdays. They suggest trying not to schedule meetings for Tuesdays so that you can take advantage of your productive state and focus.


Wednesdays are a good day to re-assess your to-do list for the week and make a plan for success; Thursday can be a day where you reward yourself for your hard work previously in the week – go out to lunch with a colleague or take a walk outside. Friday is a day to be flexible and get organized for the upcoming week – take some time to clear off your desk, go through your in-box or e-mails, and plan ahead so that you can start fresh on Monday.

Personally, I find the middle of the week to be the most productive – this is the time when I fall into a groove and am less likely to be distracted by unfinished tasks.

What is your most productive day of the week? Let us know by leaving a comment!