We all remember those Krazy Glue commercials where the construction worker glues his hard hat to the beam and hangs from the air. Think you can top that? Instant Krazy Glue(R), America's leading innovator of instant adhesives, has launched "Commercials Gone Krazy," a nationwide video contest in which participants can create and submit their own Krazy Glue commercials online.

Contestants can submit an unlimited number of videos that feature the theme "Commercials Gone Krazy." Entries must be one minute or less; for details or to sign up, visit the contest Web site, http://www.commercialsgonekrazy.com.

"With the growing popularity of online video sites like YouTube, this contest will be an enjoyable way for people to experience a well-known brand in a new and creative way," said Mary Beth Cowardin, Instant Krazy Glue senior marketing manager. "Each commercial should convey the message that there is only one brand of instant glue that is crazy strong and crazy fast; and that's Krazy Glue."