I live alone and I read a lot, so I don’t have much need for cable TV. I do, however, like to pick upsomethingwhen I turn on my perfectly good analog televisions, so I guess the digital converter box is the way for me. Or not, as it turns out, according to this story posted on www.breitbart.tv.


We here atASIare currently putting the full-court press on our Feb. ’09 issue, so I won’t belabor this point too much, but does anyone else get the impression that a full network television conversion to a digital signal was maybe only a good idea when the economy was stable? In other words, isn’t mandatory crystal-clear TV reception sort of indicative of the ridiculousness that got our economy in trouble in the first place?

Anyway, consider this dead horse beaten. That means no mention of the fact that homelessness, cancer and AIDS all still exist in this country, to say nothing of the countless other problems that might have been solved with the hundreds of millions of dollars that will ultimately go into converting our television airwaves to a digital signal.

But I digress. Back to the work of publishing magazines I go.

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