Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a pivotal figure in the Civil Rights Movement. He was elected President of the Montgomery Improvement Association, the organization that was responsible for the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott from 1955 to 1956. In addition, he was arrested 30 times for his participation in civil rights activities.


His "I Have A Dream" speech emphasized his desire for a future where all people would coexist harmoniously as equals. Delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to over 250,000 civil rights supporters, the speech is often considered to be one of the greatest and most notable speeches in history.

On this King Holiday, millions of Americans are expected to honor Dr. King and answer President-elect Obama’s call to service by volunteering. More than 12,100 service projects are taking place across the United States, more than twice the amount the previous year. Americans will make it “a day on, not a day off” by delivering meals, refurbishing schools, reading to children, signing up mentors and more.

Thanks to President-elect Obama’s call to service, this will be the largest King Day of Service ever. In 1994, Congress charged the Corporation for National and Community Service with transforming the King Holiday into a national day of service. This year, President-elect Obama is asking all Americans to serve on King Day and make an ongoing commitment throughout the year.

We urge you to take some time and help others on this day – especially if you are lucky enough to have the day off of work. Click here to learn more and find local activities in your area.