We do a lot of talking on this website about adhesives and their different applications, but I’m willing to bet none of my colleagues ever thought they’d see the following sentence published in any ofASI’s many forms:According to a recent article on the SpecialChem website, solvent-based “speed glues” are commonly used for sinister purposes in international table tennis matches.Translation: people use adhesives to cheat at ping-pong…and they’ve been doing it foryears.

So, first things first: How cool is it that solvent-based adhesives are called “speed glues” when used as a means to a nefarious end? And did anyone else on the planet know that table tennis paddles are sometimes referred to as “bats”? I know I sure didn’t.

Want another amazing statement? Try this one, taken directly from the SpecialChem article: "Interestingly, this is not the first time that VOC emissions have been placed under restriction in relation to ball sports."`Interestingly’? How aboutfascinatingly?

It seems folks will do anything to get ahead in this world, whether it’s in business or the games that they play. And though I had no idea just a few hours ago that a seedy subculture of ping-pong cheaters even existed, I can honestly say I’m a little disappointed in you, ping-pong cheaters of the world. You took a staple of fraternity drinking parties and you made itcheap.And with glue, no less.

Give the SpecialChem article a look at the link below, and then come back and tell us how you use adhesives and sealants to get the unfair advantage.