Many companies and countries are already banning international travel. Is yours?

The World Health Organization has upped the alert on swine flu from a 4 to a 5, signaling that the virus is becoming increasingly adept at spreading among humans. This means that, in addition to schools closing here and there across the United States, governments may set trade, travel, and other restrictions in order to contain the illness and keep it from spreading further. The WHO’s Phase 6 is the pandemic phase, characterized by outbreaks in at least two regions of the world.


Vice President Joe Biden made a controversial statement on television this morning, advising against air and subway travel. A spokeswoman for the vice president later said that the White House is only advising sick people not to travel.


The CDC also tried to mitigate travel concerns, yet advising those with symptoms to stay home. "I think flying is safe, going on the subway is safe. People should go out and lead their lives," Richard Besser, the CDC's acting director, said in a news conference.


Many companies and countries are already banning international travel. Forbes reports that Honda has banned its employees from international travel until at least May 6 due to swine flu. In addition, countries including Germany are suspending flights to Mexico City or to any North American destination.


Has your company put a travel ban in place? Do you think this is an effective way to reduce spread of H1N1? Leave a comment below.