Subscribers toASI’s E-Newsletter may have noticed the addition of a weekly survey to the news features section. Here we present the results of the June 16 survey.

Do you agree that it was necessary for GM and Chrysler to close hundreds of dealerships in order to `right-size' their companies?

Yes: 59.6%
No: 39.5%

Do you have any concerns about Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery (China) purchasing the Hummer brand?

Yes: 46.5%
No: 52.6%


“The U.S. auto industry has been top-heavy with unnecessary and unprofitable dealerships for decades. The car companies, however, did a really poor job of communicating with the dealers about the closings. (I have purchased ONLY foreign-made vehicles for the past 30 years!)”

“We need to stop supporting what should die naturally.”

“It is about time that GM and Chrysler looked at themselves. The auto industry was upside down in wages and benefits. The cost of a new car did not correspond to the quality. The autoworkers got lazy and thought they deserved huge paychecks and benefits that would put some companies out of business.”

“Both auto companies and other companies should start thinking about company value and not stockholder value. Ninety days should be the CEO's tenure if he thinks in 90-day increments.”

“I just will not buy Hummers. Banks in my area will not loan money on them, anyway.”

“Call me paranoid, but the U.S. could be making vehicles that the Chinese could use against us. The Chinese don't have the greatest record of being great allies with us.”

“Nobody should continue to produce Hummers.”

“The Hummer was a bad idea to begin with.”

“Will Tengzhong become a supplier to the U.S. military? As a retired defense subcontractor, I don't want anybody but American citizens doing defense work for the U.S. military.”