April 15 is here again. Find out how others will celebrate this day.

It’s tax day. Whether you filed your taxes months ago or (like me) had to scurry to get them done in time, it’s a day to celebrate. It’s over for another year!


Other April 15 happenings:


On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson donned the Brooklyn Dodgers uniform (number 42) for the first time and broke the Major League Baseball “color line.”


Tax Day Tea Parties will be taking place throughout the nation. These are not your grandmother's tea parties; rather, they are gatherings are political movements are named after the 1773 Boston Tea Party, where disgruntled Americans rebelled against British colonial taxes. This time, however, the ire is directed at President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package and the projected ballooning of the budget deficit.


We at ASI also have another reason to celebrate – it’s Publisher Sue Love’s birthday today! Please wish her a happy birthday with a comment below.