In many parts of the country, log homes are a common sight in rural areas. From the rustic log cabin homes built decades ago, to the modern and energy-efficient builds of today, log cabins have been a mainstay in the American landscape, and allow the owners to get back to nature by living in a rural, sometimes rustic, setting.

But owning a log home can require a lot of maintenance, including sealing, staining and protecting your investment.

Sashco Sealants specializes in manufacturing high-performance finishing products for log homes, including stains, caulks, and chinking. The Colorado-based coatings and sealants manufacturer recently received an Honorable Mention within the category of Stains and Finishes for the 2008 GREEN LOG Home & Lifestyle Awards.

The award is given for excellence in providing environmentally sound home building and green living products that enable healthier homes and lifestyles.

Many of Sashco’s products are water based products and offer earth-, animal- and human-friendly water cleanup - without the use of mineral spirits or other harsh chemicals that pollute the air, ground, and water and are toxic to both humans and animals.

And isn’t that what living in a log home should be all about? We applaud Sashco for this important award, and would like to know about other companies who are similarly “going green.” Tell us in a comment below, or e-mail to and let us know what your company is doing to be environmentally friendly.