Subscribers toASI’s E-Newsletter may have noticed the addition of a weekly survey to the news features section. Here we present the results of the July 20 survey.

Will Wal-Mart's recent decision to require manufacturer-provided eco-ratings on all of the products it sells lead to a universal eco-rating system?

Yes: 51.9%
No: 48.1%

Are you in favor of this?

No: 35%
No opinion: 10%


"Everyone on the planet needs to get serious about this topic!"

Sounds like a lot of additional work required by a government agency to set up a rating system and then test and review thousands and thousands of products to rate them."

"Since Wal-Mart is basically a distributor for China, how are they going to drive this requirement?"

"The problem is convincing customers that clean/non-toxic is the way to go, with only a slight elevation in price levels."

"If China and other foreign suppliers of Wal-Mart comply, I am for it 100%."

"While it sounds like a good idea on paper, it will be corrupted into something it is not supposed to be."

"Eco-ratings most assuredly are slanted toward one particular means of production. It's a marketing gimmick designed to remove the guilt of buying disposable, cheap stuff."

"No single company should wield that much power. We're over-mandated by the government as it is."