PoliticsDaily.com reports that President Obama is considering “Cash for Caulkers,” a plan similar to the successful Cash for Clunkers program that would encourage Americans to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

The program is designed to make up for some of the shortcomings the stimulus package had, including the coverage of labor and proof of energy savings, according to Effiiciency First. It would be a performance-based incentive system to reward homeowners for making changes to their homes that provide a significant reduction in household energy use.


Sealant manufacturers are responding positively to the proposed plan. “Any program that can improve energy efficiency, reduce energy cost, and put people to work is worth serious consideration in any economic condition,” said Ken Rubis of Dow Corning Corp., which makes silicon-based, performance enhancing materials and additives for glazing, sealing, and weatherproofing of new and existing construction projects.


What are your thoughts on the proposed Cash for Caulkers? Is it a positive step toward providing jobs and increasing energy efficiency of our homes? Please leave a comment below.