Here we present the results of the October 13ASIE-News survey.

Subscribers toASI’s E-Newsletter may have noticed the addition of a weekly survey to the news features section. Here we present the results of the 10/13/09 survey.

Do you expect to be better off financially in 2010?

Yes, a little: 27.397%
Yes, a lot: 8.219%
About the same: 41.096%
No, worse off: 23.288%


“Our industry sector is not like the banking or finance sectors, which will be bailed out by the government in case of difficulties.”

“High deficits, a weak dollar and health care reform will keep growth low.”

“I am unemployed now, so I have no way of knowing. I care more about 2009 and finding a job and keeping my house from foreclosure.”

“We need to stop the increase in spending and taxes!”

“Any potential pay raise will be completely lost in higher health care costs.”