Here we present the results of the Sept. 2ASIE-News survey.

Subscribers toASI’s E-Newsletter may have noticed the addition of a weekly survey to the news features section. Here we present the results of the Sept. 2 survey.

Did you or anyone you know take advantage of:

Cash for Clunkers?

Yes: 26.316%
No: 73.684%

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit?

Yes: 10.638%
No: 89.362%


“This is foolish. These are temporary solutions with no long-term impact on the economy.”

“Both progams are very misguided and too late for me. I had an energy-conserving house built in 2003, and  I have the same utility bills here in the Midwest that I had in Southern California. I still drive a full-sized 1992 Ford product, 20 mpg in town, 25-28 mpg on the road (V-8 engine).”

“The government would do itself a favor by staying out of the private sector and reducing its size.”

“I went to take advantage of Cash for Clunkers the Friday before it ended, and the dealership stopped their promotion at noon that day because the government was slow paying them.”

“Cash for Clunkers was a bad idea - rewarding environmentally challenged people to buy cars, subsidized by folks like me.”

“I would have taken advantage of both had I been eligible.”