Companies are asking board members to check their BlackBerry at the door.

They’re everywhere – from meetings and conventions to client dinners and cab rides. BlackBerries and other portable smart phone devices. But is all this keeping in touch putting us out of touch with the task at hand? Some companies seem to think so, which is why the BBC is reporting that companies are banning the use of BlackBerries and such devices at board meetings. The point of the meeting is, after all, to be present at the meeting; checking e-mail and sports scores is not only a distraction, but a disservice to the people they are representing.


We’ve all experienced the ring of a cell phone during a convention or meeting. In fact, it may have even been your phone. But is it a distraction, or a necessity in today’s business climate? Do you think BlackBerries and other devices should be banned at meetings? Please leave a comment below.