Why I won't be one of the 96.5 million Americans who do their holiday shopping today -- the so-called Cyber Monday.

It's been estimated that 96.5 million Americans will do their holiday shopping today -- the so-called "Cyber Monday," up from 85 million in 2008, according to a CNN Money report.
Cyber Monday came about because people would use the high-speed Internet access they had at work to do some holiday shopping. Now, with many of us having high-speed connections at home, as well as on smart phones, it seems logical that this practice would have decreased somewhat.
Unfortunately, that is not the case. With more employees spending their workday shopping on the Internet, less work is getting done, cutting productivity. And with companies struggling just to stay in business, this is not a good way to spend the workday.
Let's keep the workplace a workplace -- and not a shopping center.