Will a $5,000 tax credit spur job creation? See what our readers had to say and weigh in with your comments.

Here we present the results of the Feb. 9ASIE-News survey.

Do you think a $5,000 tax credit will spur job creation?

Yes: 20.312%
No: 64.062%
Not right away: 15.625%


“There will be lots of new openings in Congress.”

“Permanent R&D credit would have a bigger impact.”

“Credits are not going to help small businesses in need of working capital.”

“Too little too late for small businesses, and the bigger corporations have found ways to work with fewer people.”

“Short-term fix. We need a proven, long-term tax strategy to spur investment.”

“Job creating comes about with increases in orders and production.” “Business requires a tax structure that supports investment and allows business owners to PROFIT from it! This is the only way we can create new jobs and grow our businesses. The government must take its hands out of our pockets! It is the private sector that will generate a recovery and revive our economy. Government MUST stay out of the way.”

“Uncertainty on health-care costs far outweighs this $5,000.”

“Yearly cost of an employee is substantially greater (than $5,000). In a cash-strapped economy, it is not likely to tip the balance in a decision to hire.”