Is theU.S.recovery is in jeopardy? See what E-News readers think and have your say.

Fearful that Europe's debt crisis might spread around the world, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 376 points Thursday, and all the major indexes were down well over than 3%, marking the first correction since stock indexes hit 12-year lows in March 2009. Do you think the U.S. recovery is in jeopardy?

Yes, the stock decline is a portend of economic reality: 45.833 %

No, investors are simply safeguarding their profits and capital: 29.167 %
I am not sure, but I am worried about the European economy: 25%


“The best we can say about businesses, including ours, is that we are still in it; though running flat on sales volume and margins.”

“As long as the federal government continues spending money like water and not cutting the deficit, we will be in big trouble.”

“We still have not solved the "toxic" assets issue in the housing market in the U.S., huge municipal and local governmental debt in the U.S. and EU, banks being overly cautious or correctly going back to three decade old lending practices that a whole generation of Americans have never seen and do not comprehend.”