ASIis pleased to announce some editorial staff changes intended to position us for the demands of the electronic age. Effective May 1,Susan Suttonwill be assuming the post of Editor-in-Chief, Integrated Media. Susan will oversee print and digital content for bothASIandCImagazines. She will be your go-to person for features and articles in all formats. Congratulations to Susan in her new role.

Teresa McPhersonwill maintain her presence onASIas Managing Editor and will take over that role onCIfrom Brian Hayes, who is leaving to pursue a new opportunity. Contact Teresa with your price increase notifications, new employee announcements, new products, and any other press releases and news.

We will also be hiring a new Associate Editor, who will handle theASIandCIe-newsletters, among other duties.

With these changes in place,ASI(andCI) will be positioned to take full advantage of Integrated Media, as well as engage in new and exciting opportunities to help you understand and explore the world market of adhesives and sealants. Our goals remain the same-to continue to provide relevant and timely editorial coverage and useful, superior information.

Thank you for your support ofASI!