We received mixed results this week with our poll question: What should be Job One for the U.S. government? See what readers had to say and weigh in with your comments.

What should be Job One for the government?


Jobs: 56.410 %

Other: 25.641 %

Energy: 7.692 %

Health insurance: 7.692 %

Bailout businesses: 2.564 %



“Private Sector Jobs, NOT GOVERNMENT JOBS!”


“If you stop illegal immigration and the use of migrant workers and replace them with those currently on welfare, jobs will create themselves. The US Gov't has no responsibility or business providing health insurance OR bailing out businesses.”


“Defense is the No.1 job of the gov't--all other things, get out of the way and let private enterprise get things done correctly.”


“Job One for the US government should be to reduce corporate taxes to a level which would promote growth of US-based manufacturing.”