Does increased jobs signal an improved economy? See what E-News readers had to say.

Last Friday's April jobs report showed employers added 290,000 jobs to their payrolls after a revised 230,000 jobs were added in March. Is this a good indicator of an improving economy?

 No, it's just a move in the right direction:    45.455 %
 Yes:    31.818 %
 No, the unemployment rate is more critical:    11.364 %
 No, new jobs is no longer a key indicator: 11.364 %

Over half of these added jobs are census (temporary) jobs to add to the government dole, still not much growth in private industry jobs. At least we are not bleeding jobs from the private economy anymore.

As long as the US has the second highest corporate taxes in the world and a Federal government that is not business friendly, the employment situation is hopeless.

The recall of skilled workers is a more important number.