We heard some strong opinions on whether Republican control of the U.S. House of Representatives will be good for business. See what E-News readers had to say.

Do you think Republican control of the U.S. House of Representatives will be good for business?

Yes: 68%

No: 22%

Unsure: 10%



With its single minded objective of higher profits (rightfully so), business needs a regulatory framework in which to operate. If it were suddenly legal again, there would be a meaningful fraction of businesses who would dump there waste into our waterway again to improve profitability.”


“Yes but, the jobs that have left the USA will not come back unless there is a drastic elimination of corporate taxes. Without that there will really not be a return to what was before.”


“They will stalemate the proccess. History shows that when different parties control different goverment departments. Nothing but biased opinions result. Both parties will not work together. They are idiots.”


We in industry and the general puplic will need to support the new congress, encouraging bold action cutting goverment spending, waste and regulations.”


“In theory, a Republican House should be good for business. In practice, only time will tell.”


“Good for business, but perhaps also to good. Creating a climate for job creation is a good thing, but getting rid of the recently passed financial regulations and consumer protections is a bad thing.”


“Historically, business has done better and economy grown more widely under Democratic congressional control”