Are you optimistic that growth will continue into 2011? See how our E-News readers responded and leave a comment.

According to a recent Manufacturing ISM Report On Business, economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in October for the 15th consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 18th consecutive month. Are you optimistic that growth will continue into 2011?

Somewhat optimistic: 48%

Neither optimistic nor pessimistic: 26%

Not optimistic at all: 16%

Yes, very optimistic: 10%



“I expect a slow steady improvement in the overall economic situation.”


“The common thread through many of the forecasts is that there will be economic growth, but very slow growth and many of the jobs that were lost may never come back.”


“No signs of growth with businesses I spoke with.”


“We have a very sour outlook. Our business (hobby supplies) plummeted starting in the third week of November 2007, and has not recovered but got worse after Obama's policies went into effect. The majority of our customers are retired, and they are taking a big hit.”