According to a new report, the U.S. needs to encourage vocational education as a viable alternative to a college education. Do you consider college to be a prerequisite to success, or should kids be pointed toward vocational schools to learn job skills?


College isn't for everyone. Mentors should encourage students to attend technical or vocational schools if college is not a good fit: 81%

Neither college nor a vocational education guarantees future success: 14%

Everyone should have a traditional college education; it is the only way to succeed: 3%

Other: 3%




“I started off in a traditional high school, was frustrated with the lack of a future, then transferred to a tech high school. My trade is my career, I did go to college for my BSME, which kept my skills up to date. Future success depends on what goals a student can see for his/her self in spite of the guidance counselors.”


“Not only is college not for everyone, it's getting more and more expensive and kids cannot afford it. Some college degrees can be done via vocational/technical schools. They should make more job skills available in the vocational schools.”


“College isn't for everyone, but there is a basic understanding of technology and literacy that everyone needs to have.”


“In Mexico there are vocational schools that also provide the option to continue the education to the university after taking 6 months additional courses.”


“My friend barely finished high school and has vocational tech training. I have a master’s in chemistry. He makes significantly more than I do.”


“We suggest you investigate the Don Bosco school in Rosemead/San Gabriel, CA. This is a combination high school, vocational school and junior college. The school day is 8-4, and even though it is a Catholic school, ALL religions are welcome. This school serves as a model of what an American high school should be. Yes, our son graduated, and received the BEST education possible.”