Are rising gasoline prices affecting your business? See what our E-News readers had to say and share your thoughts.

Are rising gasoline prices affecting your business?

Yes: 66%

No: 24%

Unsure: 10%



“Gas prices are cutting deep into bottom line and hard to pass on to customers.”


“Everything costs more - especially plastics made from petroleum.”


“Very much so, from the cost of equipment used to process products to freight costs to us and to our customers.”


“As gas prices head upward, so does the solvent prices. Also, freight cost increase. I'm not sure we will be able to compete with the rest of the world if costs continue to spiral up. The playing field is not level.”


“We expect petroleum based solvents to rise in the future, but we keep at least one year’s supply on hand at all times. Right now we have two years’ expected use in stock.”


“No, because “Not yet” was not an option.”