Should overqualified, highly educated workers be passed over for entry-level jobs if there are no other jobs available?

No: 78%
Maybe: 18%
Yes: 4%
“I did my part in a warehouse back in the early 1990s. Did I like it? No, but having money and getting to know the workers made me appreciate them a lot more today.”

“If they are willing to start at the bottom, then more power to them. They may advance faster or like this area. Give them a chance.”

“You cannot have enough skilled people-get them anyway you can and keep them.”

“As long as the candidate is truly capable of doing the job, employers should look at this as an opportunity to bring in promotable people to assess for higher level roles.”

“Why would you not want to employ the most talented candidates?”

“It really depends on the person. Not all overqualified, highly educated workers are able to tolerate an entry-level position.”