A recent Pew Research Center survey reported that young adults may have been hit hardest by the bad economy, as 20- and 30-somethings struggle to find jobs. Which age group do you believe was hit hardest?


Younger adults: 41%

Middle-aged adults: 36%

Seniors (over 65):  23%



“Older adults have been hit by falling asset prices, but young adults have no assets and increasingly any means to acquire them.”


“[Middle-aged adults] lost their jobs and having trouble competing with new grads - experience not being “paid for” in today’s economy.”


“Young adults haven’t accumulated enough to actually have gotten “hit.” Excluding, of course student loans-all of which were optional.”


“Those 50 to 62 are the hardest [hit] casualties.”


“All age groups have been hit hard, but seniors have had their retirement income vanish while absorbing a higher cost to survive.”