Rolodexes used to be a fixture on any office desk. But are they still relevant in this digital age? How do you store the contact information from your contacts?

On my computer in a database or contact network: 62%

On my smartphone: 13%

In a Rolodex or other paper card sorter: 13%

In a folder or box on my desk: 6%

Other (please explain): 6%



“Sometimes I wish I still had a Rolodex-it was so simple and effective.”


“I couldn’t get a Rolodex large enough for all of my contacts. Being wider based in businesses, paper databases don’t make it any more!”


“Since I am old and late getting into the world of computers, I find that my fear and lack of knowledge about these newfangled devices overwhlems me. So I retreat into the world I've known.”



“Use both a Rolodex (two!) and email contacts on computer.”


“Rolodex, really? Are they still in business? I thought they had gone the way of the buggy whip. Are people still riding horses to see customers? Using pay phones to make phone calls?”



“Serious supplier contact information is kept as business cards in an 8 1/2 x 11 size binder, in clear plastic card holder pages. The business cards must be printed, not computer knock-offs, or we won't deal with them. E-mail files are separate and in memory, but there must be a business card first.”


“I really liked business cards in very nice paper or polymer material, but now nobody wants to invest time on typing the data on any device (most people I know don't have a scanner for business cards), its better to receive business cards by Bluetooth or IR.”