Should the U.S. government be allowed to require individuals to buy health insurance?


No: 73%

Yes: 20%

Maybe/Unsure: 7%



“This would only give the insurance industry a reason to up the rates. People who don’t want the insurance are the type to bet the farm on not getting sick. Also, there are those who would rather have food on the table.”


“We have to wear seat belts, pay income tax, etc.”


“If individuals refuse to buy insurance and get sick, they shouldn’t be covered by taxpayer subsidies.”

“Unconstitutional! This is an issue for individual states. The founding fathers intended the federal government to be small and non-intrusive except where issues of national security or national image are concerned. We are still a republic. Federal mandates such as national health insurance rob the populace of its voice. This approach by the federal government is tantamount to socialism or worse!”


“Everyone needs insurance to maintain a healthy society.”


“The government needs to get out of our lives! We would save money and people could make their own decisions. They only want to enslave us.”


“The constitution is there for a reason and limits the power of the government for very good reasons. We have allowed politicians to go well beyond what the constitution allows. It is time to re-establish the constitutional boundaries.”


“It is a free country not a totalitarian regime.”


“The federal government should stick with its 18 enumerated powers granted in the Constitution and leave the rest to the states”


“Individuals should be mandated so that they are not a burden to society should they become sick or injured.”


“People who don't have health insurance usually can’t afford it. Why make some one buy something they can't afford in the first place?”


“We need a single payer healthcare system like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany or Israel.”


“If they cannot afford to buy today, how will they pay for the required insurance?”


“Freedom of choice, to be covered or not. But also by this choice, the individual assumes the cost of the health care should they need it. For those that cannot afford individual pay-as-you-go health care, then there should be an affordable, basic health insurance offered.”