According to a recent poll, full-time workers in the U.K. who are overweight or obese and suffer from other chronic health conditions miss more than 100 million more work days annually than healthy workers, and costing ~ $32 billion in lost productivity annually. Should companies offer help to improve employees’ health situation to reduce lost productivity costs?


Yes, they should provide help or incentives to make workers more healthy: 77%

No, it’s not the company’s responsibility: 20%

Unsure: 3%



“If an employee is healthy and more productive, thus reducing strain on others, productivity should increase even further.”


“As long as it is not punitive or prejudicially applied. It is analogous to offering smokers programs to quit.”


“I worked for a company that offered health club membership. I was the “last man standing” after the other employees quit the club. Too much work for them! The company lost money for its effort.”


“Assist them in losing weight or raise there health insurance costs. There are consequences for their weight issues.”


“Why wouldn’t they want to reduce health care cost, reduce lost time due to sickness and ad to the quality of life of their employees? It sounds like a “win” for everyone involved. My company currently offers incentive for living healthy and exercising and I think it’s one of the best benefits they offer.”