The U.S. GDP grew at an annual rate of 2.5% in the third quarter, almost doubling the second quarter's 1.3% growth rate. Does this indicate that the economy is gaining momentum?


No, the growth is unsustainable: 64%

Yes, the recovery is in full swing: 18%

Unsure: 18%



“GDP growth is too low to create critical mass and sustained expansion. Until we are running on all cylinders 3%+ growth for multiple quarters, we will have a fragile economy.”


“The GDP is one of the most contrived numbers reported by government agencies. Although useful, it is only useful in context of a variety of other metrics and reports. Ultimately the deleverging of the debt load of consumers and government will need to be addressed. How that is done may render these short term GDP reports irrelevant.”


“Based on worldwide infrastructure expenditures, there is NO recession!! The technology sector of the U.S. economy alone is enough to ensure growth in various industrial markets and influence others on a global scale. The point of contention is lack of consumer spending due to shortage of cash flow caused by export of cash for oil/energy-gasoline and heating fuels-if you will call it this. Technology transfer is the future for all job growth. The U.S. is also going through the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.”

“Too many headwinds - foreclosures, healthcare, deficits, etc. Most of all, we have to quit scaring and demonizing the rich to where they are hoarding money for future higher taxes. The 1% spends 20% of the money. Scare them into spending 10% less and you’ve dampened GDP by 2% thus creating worsening/prolonging the recession.”