While U.S. government studies have concluded that the level of radiation emitted by full-body airport scanners is safe for passengers, there’s still much debate over these backscatter X-ray machines. Do you believe that they are safe for passengers?

Yes, they are safe and I use them: 42%

No, they are not safe: 29%

Unsure/other: 29%

“The same government that is mandating the use of the machines tells us it is safe. Please show us the third party data.”

“For a person who travels constantly as part of their work, this will, I believe, cause a problem in the long term for them.”

“Not safe, intrusive, unnecessary.”

“I do not want to get on a plane that has a bomb. I believe that also would not be safe for me and others on the plane. When will Americans wake up?”

“Homeland Security and the TSA need to be disbanded and the U.S. needs to adopt the same strategies as Israel (i.e., profiling). They have gone way too far.”