Job hunters are often required to undergo drug tests or personality quizzes in addition to a standard interview. However, online snooping is also becoming more prevalent among prospective employers. Is it ethical for employers to request login information for an applicant’s personal social media accounts?


No, it's an invasion of privacy. 89%

Yes, it's completely ethical. 11%


“I found that simply Googling my name came up with a lot of my emails and other messaging; to dig deeper would only show they are unethical, and to grant permission would be a mistake.”

“If you hire druggies, and they hurt themselves, you’ll wish you had access to start with. Also, the company can filter these people out. I would.”

“Employers can easily do background checks, there is no need for login information.”

“It is never right to ask for someone’s personal passwords. Next they will want your bank password.”

“There is often information on social media accounts that cannot be requested in an interview. But, as an employer, if personal info is available freely on the Internet, then I believe that is ethical.”

“Let me get this straight: Employers want employees to demonstrate poor security practices as a requirement for positions where they will be handling sensitive information? Does anyone else see a problem here?”