Should the U.S. government be able to set minimum security standards for companies to follow to prevent cyber attacks?


Yes: 46%

No: 42%

Unsure: 12%



“The government should get out of the way of business and only act as an advisor; enough regulations!”

“This is definitely an area where the government does need to set minimum cyber security standards or rules for companies, with stiff monetary or business-related penalties for noncompliance.”

“No, as long as the private firms do not have access to U.S. government secretes. Governments are too slow revise standards to meet the changing world. Let the private industry find its own way. Companies with poor standards will be out of business and subject to class action law suits; perhaps even personal suits against executives that decided not to safeguard data.”

“[We] don’t need more government controls, plus it will cost money to enforce and have a new committee and staff.”

“Most companies are extremely vulnerable to cyber attack. They do not take enough care to secure their intellectual property.”

“Other than our military, what does our federal government do well? Let private industries find the best solution. Keep the federal government out of it.”