How much attention do you pay to the monthly jobs report in the U.S.?

I notice but don’t watch for it: 42.9%
I watch for it each month: 38.1%
What jobs report? 9.5%
I don't really pay attention: 9.5%


It is necessary to keep up with developements in the rest of the world.

About as much attention as I pay any other habitual liar. Numbers that are always understated - sometimes remarkably so - seems like lying to me. Let's not even go the usefulness of the U3 as opposed to the U6 numbers. All lies.

The Obama Admin. only counts those that gives it good statistics; for ex., the unemployment level is almost 12% in Southern Nevada!They are attacking businesses at every level, to purposely destroy this country.

With the Republican party actively suppressing job growth in both the public and private sector, you can't spend too much time dwelling on the numbers. If the number is positive, smile. If it is negative, work harder to push the Republicans back into the land of ignorance that they enjoy.

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