Did the Supreme Court make the right decision in upholding President Obama's health care law?

No: 55.2%

Yes: 41.4%

Maybe/Unsure: 3.4%


Our company has issued a no-hire policy, until it is repealed. So much for the "jobs" President.

With or without "Obamacare," the U.S. sadly has an archaic, dysfunctional and third-world health care system. The U.S. has the best in terms of medical procedures, talented doctors, etc.; the U.S. fails miserably in making that excellent health care available to its citizens. Shameful and disgraceful!!

Absolutely. Its the first step to the inevitable single payer system that we need and deserve.

We need to go back to a classical liberal education. We should read and teach orginal intent, it is easily accessible. I will encourage my state legislature to nullify or disobey this assault upon our liberty.

In 1798 John Adams signed the first government mandated health insurance in the "Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen". It required privately employed sailors to purchase insurance and their employers to collect it.

It was not voted on as a tax. If they are going to pursue as a tax than the bill should go back to the floor for another vote based on what it is not what we were told it was.

It's way out of line with the commerce clause.The government has overstepped its bounds!

Doesn't matter what you do; we continually are losing our rights.

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