Most American adults still make more money than their parents did, but upward mobility is elusive for many, according to a study from the Economic Mobility Project at the nonpartisan Pew Charitable Trusts. Do you make more than your parents did?

Yes: 68.7%
No: 18.8%
Maybe/Unsure: 12.5%


On top of making less, the Fed devalues what we do make, every time it prints trillions of dollars to prop up socialist countries and preferred businesses around the world!

But my 3 children make less than I do.

Based on present day costs vs pay, not really making more than my parents, they seemed to put away savings at a greater rate.

I can only hope my kids can do the same.

I make more money but my dollors are worth less.

They had a happier life style. simple. no pressure. didn't need much money. most activity was within the small community. Church was important.

I have a PhD, my father HS degree and he made three times what I earn.

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